State Life Insurance Corporation is a Government owned corporation established by the Nationalization Order 1972. The major function of the corporation is to carry out the life insurance business. The policies issued by the corporation are guaranteed as to payment in cash by the Federal Government, under Article 35 of the Life Insurance (Nationalization ) Order, 1972

So State Life Insurance Policy is the only life insurance investment in Pakistan which is not only backed by the richest Government owned corporation but also by the Federal Government of Pakistan under Article 35 of the life insurance (Nationalization) Order, 1972.

Ghulam Shabir Hattar (Sales Officer)

The Site      This web site has been created by a prominent Area Office of Islamabad Blue area Zone of State Life insurance Corporation headed by Mr. Ghulam Shabir Hattar who took initiative to make a new move to the marketing strategy of Life Insurance Selling and Servicing.The main theme of making this web site is to make a new relationship with our policy holders and the future prospects. We will try here to provide information and service to those who can’t frequently visit to our office and don’t have directly contact to the agents.

Visitors can take information and may ask for any services they need in New and Old life insurance policies. Our motive is to pay personal attention through this service and build strong relationship to new and old cliental.
For corporate clients it will make easy to check every policy’s current status which is made by us and communicate if any discrepancy is found in any policy or payment transation under any policy premium.

We are very thankful to our Executive Director Marketing and policy holders who appreciated this idea and gave his full support to inaugurate this site for spreading the message of State Life Insurance Corporation with the option of online servicing to our clients.



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